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Fine Art. Illustration. Graphic Design.

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“Passing Time” by Erik Strom

Acrylic On Canvas, 36” x 36”, $1,000

“Grandeur” by Charlotte Strom

Acrylic On Canvas, 24” x 24”, $575

“The Three Of Us” Collaboration by Charlotte and Erik Strom

Acrylic On Canvas, 36” x 48”, $1,200

My work has a combination of modern illustration and classical fine art qualities. My visual style has developed with my exploration of pattern within composition, in relation to the narrative of the painting. --- Erik Ström


Motion has been an underlying key to unlocking a number of artistic doors for me. Observation of action and reaction, exploration of cause and effect, both on and off the canvas, cause me to revere and to respect the ever-changing aspects of livelihood. These images occur as I propel myself forward. --- Charlotte Chipman Ström